About Me

Stephanie Johnson, an exceptionally gifted Executive Assistant serving the community of Ames, Iowa, brings forth an incredible mixture of professionalism, hard work, and unwavering honesty to her role.

Academic Achievements

Johnson's zeal for intellectual development originally led her to California State University, Sacramento. There, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Anthropology. She further dedicated herself to her discipline as Director of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies. An underlying theme of Johnson's academic career was her unwavering honesty and enthusiasm for learning. She was active on the university's crew team and an esteemed Golden Key National Honor Society member. Her commitment to excellence had been exhibited with her selection to the Dean's List.

Further nurturing academia's call, Stephanie earned a Master's in Public Administration from Drake University. She was again recognized for her diligent performance, this time becoming a member of the prestigious Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society. Stephanie's unyielding dedication and hard work were instrumental in shaping her academic prosperity.

Professional Accomplishments

Stephanie leveraged her academic accomplishments by granting her dedication and hard work to her role as an Executive Assistant. She was recognized for her exceptional performance and innovative ideas, which significantly improved the community where she served. One notable achievement amid her professional journey was becoming a licensed notary, further signifying her profound commitment to her responsibilities and deep-rooted professional ethos.

Hobbies and Interests

Despite her professional rigor, Stephanie takes time to cultivate her interests and hobbies. She is a versatile individual who enjoys playing golf, fishing, and running. Adding another dimension to her personality, Stephanie is a musician, producer, and engineer. As a testament to her honesty, she also serves as a host, efficiently managing and communicating both ends' interests and concerns.

Community Involvement and Charitable Activities

Serving the community is a value dear to Stephanie, and her earnest commitment to this cause is amply reflected in the various voluntary roles she assumed in different organizations. She is an active member of Ames NAACP and Kiwanis of Ames and volunteers at Reliable Street Co-operative in West Ames, demonstrating her commitment to community development.

Stephanie’s hard work and adherence to high professional standards have fuelled her fruitful involvement with various community initiatives. She has served as the President of Abbie Sawyer Elementary School PTO, engaged with Ames Soccer Club, and contributed to the United Way Young Leaders’ Society. Her versatile role in several sports committees, such as Ames High School Post Prom, Entertainment Committee, Ames High Golf Club, and Ames Middle School Booster Club, signifies her dedication.

Johnson’s commitment to humanitarian causes is evident in her contributions to charitable organizations. She has volunteered for the Iowa Special Olympics, Iowa Games, Iowa Masters Golf Tournament, the Iowa Chapter of Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the American Cancer Society of Ames. Stephanie's persistent honesty, professionalism, and individual commitment perfectly illustrate the spirit of service.

With her extensive participation in community, academic, and professional endeavors, Stephanie Johnson continues to embody the qualities of honesty, hard work, and professionalism. These virtues underlying her personality showcase her as a dedicated, multifaceted individual whose existence greatly benefits the community she serves.


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